The Formation of the Hawiian Island Grace clark

In the North Pacific ocean the Hawaiian islands started forming about 4,000,000 years ago and ended about 300,000 years ago. The Hawaiian islands were formed by volcanic activity. Each island is unique and beautiful, and was formed by many causes under the sea which affected the earth and the people on earth today.

To begin, the Hawaiian islands formed by volcanic activity (which is also known as a hotspot). A hotspot is when magma rises upward until it erupts on the seafloor. Because of the volcanic eruptions the magma cooled into land. Likewise, Iceland had the same type of process happen. There was a hotspot and it formed the Iceland island. Also Iceland was formed by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Along with that, each of the islands has changed earth's crust giving us more land. Look at the table below to see how many square miles each of the islands is.

The Big island

4,028 sq. miles


727.2 sq. miles


552.32 sq. miles


596.53 sq. miles


260 sq. miles


140.54 sq. miles


69 sq. miles

Following this, the effect that the Hawaiian islands had on the earth was it just gave earth more square miles of space, so people had more space to live and more space to move. Some of the rocks that the Hawaiian islands had were basalt which makes up the black sand on beaches, also another type of rock they had was ‘A ‘a lava, which is made from lava flow. Those are two types of rocks they had on the Hawaiian islands.

Furthermore, the formation of the Hawaiian islands affected the people again by giving them more space, but for an example Kilauea is the largest volcano in the Hawaiian islands and it is still active, and it has been constantly erupting since 1983. This could affect people that live close or there to always move or even die. The reason earth process thinks there will is going to be a new island (called Loihi) is because if the hotspot theory is true there is another volcano in the seafloor. If there is a volcano people have to evacuate where they are, but if they don't evacuate eventually they could die from the gases in the air or the ash from the volcano.

To conclude, in this essay, it talked about the causes to why is happen, how it affected the earth, and how it affected the people on the earth. To state again the Hawaiian islands were formed by volcanic activity.


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