Look at the pictures. Each picture represents a word/words. Try to guess our today's topic.

"Street Food Around the World" is the correct answer. Well done!

Do you ever feel hungry when you go out?

Then pick up some street food.

It's fast, delicious and a great way to discover new flavours (*odličan način za otkrivanje novih okusa).

Today, you are going to learn about some popular street food from different countries.

Please write new words in your notebooks and do the tasks to practice them. Just click on "Quizlet".

Read the texts in your textbooks on page 68. and do task 2 (right/wrong or doesn't say sentences). After that, do task 3 - answer the questions.

Vocabulary in Use: do task 5 in your textbooks on page 69.

Would you like to try fish and chips in the UK or hot dogs in the USA. Why? Complete the sentence in your notebooks: I would like to try __________ because ___________.


Created with an image by Brooke Lark - "Sometimes the very best breakfast eats are the simplest."