This is me

Hi I'm Syerra

I cant say I know how to really be a mom. Does anyone? About 2 years ago I found out I was pregnant with a baby girl I was scared out of my mind and I questioned whether or not I could do this. I was 19 for crying out loud I couldn't be a mom I didn't even know how to take care of myself yet. Guess I am doing it because well here I am. With a lot of help and support from my family and friends I have made it to where I am today.

Now I'm going to ask you to bare with me on this one because this is my first blog and I'm not a good writer. So if I make mistakes please forgive me and move on.

Mia: I am a proud mother of a beautiful 2 year old baby girl. Her name is Malia Grace H. (first, middle, last) also know as Mia.

She love's to have her photo taken shes is such a happy girl

Well I guess I'm going to be one of those moms who shoes her baby off because I feel for me she is the best and I'm not saying anyone else baby isn't perfect but for me she is perfect.

LIFE!: So.... Let me tell you a little about me and our lives so far.I found out I was pregnant when I got into an accident....Me and my boyfriend at the time were riding in a friends Go cart and I was teaching him how to drive it. Well he doesn't like to listen obviously because when someone says Don't Drift it, it usually means don't drift it. Well he drifted it on a hill no less and it flipped and because I was in the passenger seat I had nothing to hold on to so instinct kicked in and I put my arm out to brace for impact and when we stopped rolling finally I had broken my arm in 3 places. (You would think I would have dumped the guy right? Wrong) I married him that fall in November. Dumbest thing I ever did and that's saying something because as a kid I did some pretty dumb things. On the day of are wedding he changed like a flip of a switch...And on February 11, 2015 We had a beautiful baby girl and he was good for a time well until we got home and he drop kicked my 10 year old brother for hanging on his arm when he was holding Mia. (Yes he really did that.) Three months later he wouldn't stop telling lies and one lie turned into ten and so on and so on ..... And I kicked him out. Only to take him back 9 months later. Then I found out the lies were still on going and he was cheating on top of it. My mom kicked him out of her house where we were living at the time. (Still didn't leave him for good then either.) No that only lasted for 3 months and in January 2016 I let him back into our lives again. We ended up moving into and apartment in Barre Vt. together around the end of January and he promised he was going to get marriage counseling with me. (Big surprise he didn't) and I was dumb enough to put my name on the electric bill only to find out he was still cheating and leave him for good in March when I had finally had enough of him hurting me in more ways then one and for the fact he was a horrible dad and never loved Mia I had my neighbors complain to me that he had her screaming for hours on end and found out he had left her in her bouncy seat and locked her in her room so he could play video games with out her around or bothering him, but out of everything I think it was mostly the fact that he hit her and blamed it on the alcohol who hits a child and who gets that drunk around a child? Well I was done. I moved back to my moms for a bit then with a friend and then got a job as a live in Nanny for a few months to find myself looking for a new job and that's where I am now a IPI at GW Plastics in Bethel Vermont.

This is Jordan My best friend and my boyfriend (And yet he is so much more)

JORDAN: Jordan is 25 and working towards a business and should be graduating this year in June. Jordan came into my life as my best friend in 2015 and we started dating on March 13 2016. Jordan was always there for me in every situation and I loved him for that and He has always been amazing with Mia He is great with her and I am so happy I have him in my life.

Now: So now we live in Randoloh Vt. and are trying to work are way threw life as best as we can. Are biggest struggle now is finding a new place and a car.

Today February 20, 2017

Today is my 22nd birthday and me and my baby girl are home alone with a stomach bug, and Jordan is covering a guy at works shift for him. So no cake for me today not quite the birthday present I was hoping for. So I'm going to spend my day sick taking care of Mia and changing the bed sheets for the 5th time today due to puke, and sleeping on the couch well watching criminal minds. Please pray I get better before I kill myself.

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