National fun day By:Kendra Cunningham

I think who ever lives in the state of Indiana will have no school and people can do whatever they want. When they go shopping they don't need money, they can grab whatever they want. No one doesn't have to go to work either. National Fun Day is daywhere people can go wherever, whenever they want
It's all about fun. National Fun Day is about doing anything. If you wanted something but can't get it, because it's expensive. Now it is your chance to buy it on April, 14. For example if you want to get a new phone, clothes, jewelry that cost 1,000 and over you can get it for free.

If you want ice cream or want to go to the grocery store it's free even movie theaters. You can even buy a pool and a hot tub for free. Even more than 5 mansions. If you want your hair done it's free. The only thing that's not free is criminal and kid napping stuff. Your bills, taxes, and phone bill for this day is free

^There is a lot of stuff that people wants but so expensive, so all the stores even expensive stuff are $0.00.

^We should have a day off with not paying nothing and get it for free.

^On this day there will be no school.

^You can get your nails, hair, and makeup done for free, and video games.

When this day comes we should stop the criminals and put them to jail.

^If people work they won't have to on this day. ^ No one goes to jail except criminals. ^Only doctors, dentist, police,makeup people, hair place, nail salon, and video game people work on this day. ^Anyone can handle any fast food business. ^On this day we can do anything.


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