Design Oriented Calendar

Design Oriented Calendar is handy for coordinating all the events we do at Design Oriented. From design topics of the day, play sessions, podcast recordings, streams, to anime watch parties everything can be found on the calendar.

Design topic of the Day

The Design Topic of the Day (Dtots) is a great way to exercise your design skills and stay sharp. Our design topics are posted on the calendar and are typically organized on a week-to-week theme. So, if you make it from Monday to Friday and engage us in conversation, you'll probably uncover key design insights. In addition to the topic of the day, in our Discord community anyone can post a design topic to discuss in our #design channel.

Streams & Play Sessions

We play games. You play games. Sometimes we play games together. For the games we plan on streaming (twitch) or playing with each other, we'll post the sessions on the calendar. Whether you play with us, chat with us, or just watch, these sessions are a great jumping off point for deep discussion. It's much easier to talk about games based on first hand experiences.

Talk No Jutsu

Talk No Jutsu is our name for our anime discussion sessions. We watch anime together often, but we get the most constructive, creative practice from the discussions afterwards. Sometimes we talk about narrative design. Other times we convert what we watch to game design discussions.

Created By
Richard Terrell