BLACKSMITHS by:benjamin tefft

Did you know blacksmiths were very important back in colonial times? They molded iron and steel into blades armor and other tools. There are lots of things that blacksmith do for a job and I will tell you about that. They also repair broken tools too! Tools that blacksmiths made are still used today and can be bought in stores. There is so much more to learn about blacksmiths!

Guards and generals depend on blacksmiths because they make weapons and armor for the war. Some apothecaries also use knives for surgery. The blacksmith make tools that lots of other jobs use like nails, hammers, nuts and bolts. There are so many different tools that blacksmiths make I could not possibly name them all.

To melt medals blacksmiths use a forge or a fire pit heated with red hot coals with the air from bellows giving the fire air to make it hotter.They repair things like swords, armor, axes and pickaxes. The blacksmith take the melted medals and pour them in to molds and let them harden.The medal naturally hardens in to the shapes that the blacksmith want. That is most of what blacksmith do during their job.

There are so many things about blacksmith I hope you will find more about them because there is so much to learn.


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