Florida Museum of Natural History Daniel nunez

NATURE ON DISPLAY: The Florida Museum of Natural History has many different exhibits, about butterflies, frogs, Native Americans, water animals, but the one that I most liked and caught my attention was the "Florida Fossils" exhibit. It shows all the animals that have lived in Florida lands since the beginning of times, which I find really interesting. It has a really good design, with a perfect mix of colors and fossil sculptures. The best part of the design is that it is structured like a path that you follow and as you keep walking you go through different eras. From this exhibit I learned how perfect the nature is and all the many creatures that have lived in the same lands that we now live on, and how amazing is evolution.
NATURE AND ETHICS: The Butterfly Rain Forest inside the museum connects all its visitors to nature. It has an awesome relaxing ecosystem, with a water fountain and river, and a variety of butterflies and other animals. This was a perfect opportunity for me to observe nature and understand how it works, to admire all the beautiful things it has and the importance of taking care of it. All people inside the ecosystem were amazed and happy for all the beautiful little details, the animals, flowers, sounds, etc. This experience brings up the following question: If nature is so beautiful and perfect, why are we destroying it?
NATURE AND THE HUMAN SPIRIT: The museum helps us disconnect for a few hours from our daily lives. It makes us get inside all the things we see, to admire nature, all the great things it offers and understand who we are and where we come from. When you get inside you just stop thinking of all the problems you might be facing, and just concentrate on exhibits and question yourself about our origins and how nature is so perfect.


All pictures taken by me, except the first one, which was taken from the UF website.

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