Agricultural Schools and Surrounding Communities Hope Mealor - English 1030 - 40 - Clemson University

Clemson University is an Agricultural college known for the immense impact on and tight nit community and city. In promotional material, Clemson often brags that it does MORE for the city than other colleges. But does it?

Clemson University Library and Reflection Pond

However, despite this reputation, Clemson doesn't seem to do a lot with the local agriculture and farming scene. The Clemson Housing and Dining website lists "local" farms that the dining hall food uses as a source, none of which are farms IN Clemson, SC. When emailed a request for a full list of farms that Clemson dining uses, no response was received.

Clemson has many programs INSIDE the school, even having a farmers market at Clemson University in the spring that was recently started by a student, but the college has nothing to do with the City of Clemson Farmers Market.

The Student Organic Farm

Farm to School

Clemson University participates in a Farm to School program, that many other colleges also participate in.

Outside of programs that other colleges also participate in, there is no evidence that Clemson goes above and beyond in this area, which is extremely unexpected. Should Clemson University correct this oversight, or does the college's over-achievement in every other area pardon the lack of extra effort in this area?

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