Come join us We have the best community ever.

Our name is Jakelandai. Our motto is "If your not yolked then you cant live here." Because we think that being strong is needed for lots of jobs and creates fairness. We were thinking if everyone was strong they would be able to do a lot of things. Our purpose is to make everyone yolked and strong because then no one will feel left out or different. Our rules are you need to wear tank tops to improve vitamin D on your arms. Then we all wear yeezys because they never fail so you can wear them for a long time. We don't believe we should have cats because they just make people mad and frustrated. We live on a island and fish in the sea a lot. We require people to tan 1 hour a week to have lots of vitamin D. If you don't tan you need to apply skin tan lotion so you don't slowly get skin cancer. We have a certain diet were you need to drink 2 protein shakes a day. We also provide a dog to everyone because no one like to be alone. Disobeying these rules 10 times after the age of 12 will lead to you needing to fight to the death in a arena against loins. also all cars don't have roofs. We will live in Hawaii. Eat there shake, go to work eat lunch then go home and tan, then eat dinner. Our government is who ever is the strongest, is the ruler.

Jake Newman Jake Tillotson


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