Compare and Contrast How to give a strong answer

Comparing= Finding similarities Contrasting= Finding differences

Sounds easy right?

And how-to videos when searching for compare and contrast...

So let's take a look at our criteria:

Let's face it: Almost any 5 year old can compare and contrast 2 things. You, however, are not 5 years old, and we will ask you not just to compare things like texts, but IDEAS -also called CONCEPTS.

Concept is just a word for big idea!

Hmmm, idea makes me think of light bulbs...

Compare and Contrast the sustainability of these 2 types of bulbs...

''Woooh, sustainability is a concept I must UNDERSTAND before I can even try to do this.''


There's the good old Venn Diagram, but...

Here's the twist:

We will often ask you to compare ideas found in texts by reinvesting or connecting to previous texts.


No, it's really simple actually.

Seeing texts in 3D!
Another way to see it.
The more texts you understand...
The more you add layers to your comprehension. If expressed properly, you will make extensive connections across texts.
Allowing you to show deeper understanding of a given concept in your comparisons.
Created By
Martin Tremblay


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