Felix Kjellburg Or pewdIepie

Him donating to charity

Felix kjellberg (a.k.a. Pewdiepie) the one and only king of YouTube. His charitable donations and great videos of game play make him renascence. For all the profit he makes he donates most of it to charity like a children's hospital. Some other thing he has done would be he make content for us the fans with the screams and shouts that make us. And then he said let there be light in one of his most famous videos called smash or pass it was famous all right. don't think so not one bit he's cool and funny and rich and a lot of other stuff. Pewdiepie is really that meme type of guy everyone can know. He's got dat boi type of frog you know he's that type of guy.Pewdiepie the well known man.

What he has become

He been building and building to he's been building he YouTube account for awhile now. His YouTube career started 7 years ago back in 2010 and is still going. Back in 2010 Felix a.k.a. Pewds or pewdiepie went to a university to study in the degree of industrial economics and technology management . He dropped out because he got bored and wanted to play games which is where youtube comes into play. He started out by making videos of minecraft,call of duty black ops and amnesia. Then after amnesia started branching out more to different games like nightmare house 2 more amnesia games. That how he got he got here today.

Felix with his pugs and his girlfriend.

In his videos he talks about himself. He has two pugs which appear in almost all his vlogs he even uses them in his video game. Pewdiepie lives in brighton United Kingdom in an a apartment with his two pugs and girlfriend. His girlfriends name is marzia in which she does have her own channel. In his recording studio he's also got a frog called slippy. One thing you can tell is that he likes dank memes based on most of his videos. As the bass is like boosted and the video gets distorted. Last he is somewhat of a troublemaker as in some of his videos he destroys his apartment or goes in blocked off rooms

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