Journey Log 3 Alex Clark - Clark_13 - Ranger

Habits of Mind Used: Metacognition

During class last week, we read about monsters and what they actually mean. For instance, my classification read "Monsters and the Moral Imagination." This specific writing really made me think. This is because I have never really thought about the idea of a monster being a concept based on perspective. One example shown in the text is how a radical group in the Middle East executed people for not obeying certain traditions. We see that as being a monster. Whereas U.S. troops were torturing some Middle Eastern radicals to get information. We may see that as a means to an end, but others see us as monsters for that. But, what is a monster? According to a paper from Cambridge University, a monster is anything that is demonstrative.

We also submitted our second Raid. This Raid was a research proposal about our monster. In class, we continued discussing various monster interpretations. For instance, we dabbled on the idea that a monster is a way of expressing our inner nature. Within our Raids, we had to not just name something, but more compare things. I am comparing the MCU's Hydra versus the Comic's Hydra. There are some significant differences that can both follow the theme of being a monster.


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