Alex Arroyo 6th Grade Science

My favorite experiment we did this year was when we got to make our own experiments that we always wanted to do. In my case I did a bath bomb that was made out of baking soda. citric acid,Epson salt,corn starch,almond oil ,and water. First we wrote down the step by step instructions and once we where done with that we got to start.
The reason I liked this so much was because we got to do it our own way and learn from our mistakes that we made while making our experiments.We also got to choose what what wanted to experiment so we got to experiment things that we didn't do in the class but maybe we had a question about or wanted to always do.After we did our experiment we showed the class what we learned and got to see other experiments. As for the bath bombs we had to combine the ingredients in side a cup and let it dry for the next day.Once it dries we could use it ourselves


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