Switzerland Spend my holiday in a favorite country

My family chooses to travel to the lovely country for us which is Switzerland to spend our holiday in an amazing place in the world. We have made a plan for 7 days to organize each day and what we will do and the best nice place to visit it and enjoy. Switzerland is the country which has a safety, so people feel comfortable when they live in it. We went to the many cities. For example, Interlaken, Geneva, Luzern, Zurich, and Lugano. I like Interlaken for many reasons, such as it has a quiet place and the transport of this city by the horse to see the small details of this city and enjoy. The home made of wood and the views of these home shows the farmer and nature. In addition, the different thing of people who live in Interlaken is bring the fruits and vegetables, from the own farms near to their house. Other cities in Switzerland have cold weather and rainy most of the time, which attracts me and people to visit it. Also, some of these cities have big Waterfalls, lakes that all the tourists like to see it. In addition, the thing that kept me focus in is the markets and any organization except the hospital to close in a 7: 00 pm because the rules of this country scheme them to do it. The people of Switzerland, which age between 16 - 30 years are nice and helpful with Arab people, but the people, which age above 30 years old they don't like the Arab people because they have some own opinion. Switzerland is also good for my language because I learn a lot of Swiss language and that was a very nice holiday for me and my family.


Alanood Ahmed  201212927

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