Teen Stress By: spencer norlund

49% of high school students have reported having a great deal of stress. Half or more have said they spend 2-3 hours doing homework per night and 26% said they have been diagnosed with depression. That is four times the national 6%.

Teen stress can lead to doing unusual or illegal activities. Some people deal with stress by taking drugs, drinking, smoking, and many other activities. But you can release stress in other ways that don't harm your body like playing a sport or exercising, even going on a walk can release stress. Some people release stress by eating which can lead to weight gain and some don't eat which lead to weight loss. Lots of people find the thing that they love and they do that to help release stress.

If you know someone who is stressed you can-

1. Talk to someone you trust.

2. share what is bothering you.

3. listen to music, relax, do something you enjoy

4. Get some exercise and give yourself time to think.

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