Wind Erosion Michael Cheong - Period 3

Deflation is a process by which wind removes a surface material. Wind is very effecting in causing erosion in deserts. Main way a wind cause erosion is by deflation.
Dust bowl is the area of the Great Plains where wind erosion caused soil loss during the 1930s. This is a picture of a dust bowl, wind is sweeping up the fertile soil. Deflation relates to dust bowl because deflation sweeps the fertile soil on the Grat Plains, and that is how a dust bowl is formed.
A landform that is caused by wind erosion is Namib Desert. Through deflation, it shaped the desert.
All sediments picked by wind eventually falls to the ground. Wind erosion and deposition may form sand dunes and loess deposits. Wind deposition can create sand dunes because it is formed when the wind strikes and obstacle. Loess are formed when a wind deposits parts of clay and silts.

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