Let the expert to tell you what are the loopholes of Dominion Voting System Himalaya UK

Original video clip and content by: Mr. Russell Ramsland

Original full interview: https://youtu.be/ficae6x1Q5A

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Let the expert to tell you what are the loopholes of Dominion Voting System

Mr. Russell Ramsland was invited initially to investigate a potential election fraud by a Dallas politician in November, 2018. For the past 2 years, he and his team have been self-funded for the entire investigation because he is a patriot and cannot have this happening- in this- great county.

In Mr. Ramsland’s opinion, the Dominion Voting System “conducts elections all over the world private companies with private shareholder and no transparency.” Without even using any “hacking” technique, Mr. Ramsland’s junior technicians can access the system behind the user interface and found at least “a dozen or more entry points” and “the software is so bad and so porous that anyone wishing to hack the system or change the audit trail - can”. The latter means that you can’t go back forensically to catch how did all this happen. He even described that he had a guy sat -in his car outside a polling station with a cell phone in 3 minutes, he was inside the polling station equipment.

Let’s have the experts -show you how the Dominion system is fraud prone.

In this clip, you will see how vote switching happened real-time on CNN counting live. You can see at the same second one person has gone up 560 votes and the other has gone down 560 votes. With one second difference the total difference between 2 is 1120 votes.
In this clip, Mr. Ramsland demonstrated the problem of tabulation software, depending on the order of query. He showed you how -Undervotes can be shifted to whoever you want to vote for! (An -Undervote occurs when the number of choices selected by a voter in a contest is less than the maximum number allowed for that contest or when no selection is made for a single choice contest.)
In this clip, Mr. Ramsland talked about what ghost, phantoms and purged or tampered votes–are.

“Ghosts” are people that use another person's residence as their legal permanent address for voting purposes. But no one at that residence has ever heard of that person.

“Phantoms” are people that check in on the poll books as one person but their vote shows up as someone else.

“Purged” or “tampered” votes are voting records that the county posts –and after the voter has voted we see the vote has changed or been tampered with. -

Other frauds were blank shift (all votes from 1 period went to one candidate) and high turn-out, over 50-60% or even over 100% in some counties of the 5-6 swing states.

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