America A Growing National Identity

What does it mean to be an America? It means having your own kind of music, artwork, and literature. Let us start with Music.

American Music, varies greatly. The music that you hear can be anywhere between Classical Music in ballrooms to Folk songs, or Sprirtuals, as they are called in the South. They can be found in work fields, factories, pubs, stores, mines, lumber yards, anywhere there is people, there is bound to be music. the Northerners perfer Classical music and Waltzes. Southerners perfer Spirituals, and Westerners and Southerners both loved Square dances. Westerners liked fiddles, banjos, guitars, and other easy-to-carry instruments.

American literature varies greatly from myths from Germany placed in the New Yorkian backwoods, to Native American tales, to exaggerated stories of Frontiersmen, to Patriotic themed poems. With this in mind, let us hear some of the most famous American writers so far.

The first American to achieve fame from his literature is Washington Irving. He takes Myths from Germany and spins them so spectacularly. "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" and "Rip Van Winkle" are only two of his books, they are both placed in the wilds of upstate New York, and I highly recommend finding a copy of his books. One of America's first novelists is James Fenimore. He bases his tales on settlers in the wilderness to the West of the Appalachian Mountains, and on Indian life and culture.


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