Good Life Tour of the Harn By wilmary Flores

Technique of the Artist: This piece caught my eye because this view seems to have an all seeing eye view from above. While everyone is up and active running through the day the artist just sits patiently watching the city move by.
Design of the Museum: The museum had a circular design to it. It almost felt as if one exhibit was connected to the next. One of my favorite exhibits had to be the garden on the outside. This little garden made me feel at piece and showed me how beautiful nature can be. It showed serenity within the wild.
Art & Core Values: This exhibit really caught my attention for obvious reasons. All though this symbol is now correlated with the nazi, it originally meaning was "all is good" in Korea. Its crazy to think that something that had such a peaceful meaning was turned into something very Machiavelli. But it was great finding the core meaning of this exhibit and of this symbol.
Art & the Good Life: This piece taught me that the world is one giant mess of art. Somehow this piece caught my attention because i couldn't exactly understand it which to me then translated to humans. I saw the world is hard to understand but it is still beautiful and full of color and life.

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