About Me by: Jordan Davis

Hello, my name is Jordan Davis and I am an open-minded, optimistic, and free-spirited woman with an extremely positive outlook on life. I am a Central Florida native, continually loving the warm weather and beaches. As much as I love the Sunshine State I also enjoy leaving home and exploring life beyond stress, chaos, and technology. Traveling is a true passion of mine and it has enabled be to push through my comfort zones and explore my purpose in life. From the rural jungles of Puerto Rico to the rustic areas of Amsterdam I find absolute peace and tranquility. So many of these amazing experiences have allowed me to learn about myself and ultimately shape me into the individual I am today. Many of the passions I now possess were discovered while traveling such as: yoga, biking, meditation, hiking, and surfing. However, my greatest discovery was finding my passion for helping others during my missionary trips.

I currently work as a nanny and have been throughout my four years of college. Juggling the life of a full-time nanny and a full-time student was difficult but it allowed me to grow as an individual and become fully aware of my abilities to succeed. I have also been an active volunteer for the Care Center and Special Olympics. Volunteering is something I find extremely rewarding and has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of my capacity to change a life. Ultimately, I am mixture of many different talents, hobbies, and interests, all of which I hope to one day use to allow me to pursue my future career goals.

My academic exploration has been abundant, from starting as a nursing major to transitioning to health and behavioral science, though my true desire stems from the hope to one day use the knowledge of both fields to discover the correlation between the body and psyche. I chose Interdisciplinary Studies as my major because I wanted to integrate two specific disciples I find to be both engaging and intriguing. I also wanted to use two different areas of knowledge to support my abilities as a student and future career seeker. With my major, I will have studied and integrated behavioral science (psyche) with health science (body). The correlation between the two disciplines has allowed me to further expand my knowledge in both fields. My minor in technical education and industry training has also allowed me to broaden my abilities as an interdisciplinary student and enhance my abilities to effectively educate and communicate. Skills I have learned throughout college include: studying the anatomy and physiology of the human body, an in-depth understanding of the body and mind, public health policies, behavioral tendencies, psychological relations to the body, and technical education. My hopes are to attend graduate school to further expand my knowledge in the area of psychology. I hope to use my B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies to expand my knowledge within the health field while applying it to my future career in psychology.

The purpose of this e-portfolio is to express to you who I am as both an individual as well as future career seeker. Knowledge I have gained from my degree as an Interdisciplinary student has allowed me to reinforce my abilities as a scholar applicant and job contender. As an Interdisciplinary student, I hope to integrate both health science and behavioral science to further my abilities as a graduate student. I hope to attend the Department of Psychology at the University of South Florida to further understand behaviors and mental processes by utilizing the methods of science in both basic and applied research.

My long-term goal is to have a strong determination to find a solution for pressing human problems. As I continue to grow as both an individual and student, I hope to still explore my options in the realm of health science and behavioral science to pursue a career that allows me to work within my interests and passions. With time, I hope to accomplish new skills that will further prepare me in my academic, personal, and professional life. As for now, I will continue to be a committed, determined, and motivated student.


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