23 March 2017/25 ADAR 5777

Term 1 Week 8

Shabbat Commences 6.05pm/Shabbat terminates 7.03pm

From the Principal

My first encounter with Carmel.

Way back when, in 2007, I had recently returned from a year of study in Israel and I was settling back into Melbourne with my husband and 4 children. I received an email from Leon Blacher asking me to be a guest speaker at the Judaica Conference at Carmel School. Always up for an adventure, I flew to Perth for what would be my first encounter with Carmel School and the Perth Jewish Community. I remember being taken by the scenery and greenery. This picturesque school, set upon the edges of a luscious oval, teeming with happy, inquisitive students who were eager to get to know you and know more about their religion and their world. And I found a school management team with strong values, priorities that came to being through allowing the Jewish studies team at Carmel to create this wonderful experience. This Judaica Conference was important. Important enough to spend money, time and resources on. And the kids appreciated the experience that was benevolently bestowed upon them. I remember calling Daniel during one of the breaks and telling him that ‘we could live here- the place is amazing!’.

How fortunate am I that I have been given this chance to move to Perth and be a part of Carmel. And to experience the Judaica conference each year anew.

The speakers this year are diverse and engaging. I have enjoyed having my old friend, Rav Noam Sendor stay at my house with his family and I know that the Carmel students have revelled in his engaging shiurim and his melodic singing.

As I write this, the Judaica conference is just beginning. I am looking forward to the next 2 days with great anticipation in the knowledge that this too will be an event to remember.

Shabbat Shalom


More from the Jewish Studies Conference in next week's Kesher!

Nancy Speilberg Visit – Monday 20 March

High School students had a special guest at assembly this Monday, film maker Nancy Spielberg. Nancy was in Australia, visiting Sydney and Perth, as a guest of the United Israeli Appeal (UIA). She rounded out her visit to Perth with an inspirational presentation to students that covered her upbringing, her film making and how vital it is that we all contribute to the collective responsibility to capture Jewish culture and heritage through storytelling.

Nancy was raised in Phoenix Arizona, and in her address she talked about how her mother encouraged her and her siblings to follow their dreams, pursue their passions and always remain true to their inner self. Nancy reflected on how storytelling was a prevalent part of her childhood, and entertained students with stories on how her brother, Steven, would make little films at home, using his siblings as actors.

As a part of her presentation, Nancy showed excerpts from her forthcoming films, one of which documents the secret archive of the Warsaw Ghetto (Who Will Write our History) and the other which tells the story of the Israeli Basketball team that won the European Championships in 1977 (On the Map). Both are moving tributes to previously little known stories of Jewish history. Nancy encouraged Carmel students, the next generation of storytellers, to get involved in documenting their history and culture.

Carmel School acknowledges the UIA, its Chairwoman Debbie Schaffer and Shaliach, Ori Demb, for providing this opportunity to our students.

Nancy Spielberg visits Carmel and speaks to the students

Primary School News

Remembering the late Ashley Schaffer (obm) and celebrating the contributions of Debbie and John Schaffer to the Carmel Family

On Friday afternoon a ceremony was held to acknowledge and remember the late Ashley Schaffer after whom the Ashley Schaffer Early Learning Centre was named. We were honoured with the presence of Debbie Schaffer, her daughter-in-law Julia Schaffer and granddaughter Ashley. Mrs Fisher thanked the choir for their singing of the Carmel School Song and acknowledged the significant contribution of John and Debbie Schaffer to our school and our community. The students listened to a story which illustrated the link of the invisible string, connecting us to events and people from our past along with members of the Carmel Family who love and care for us. A birthday cake and balloons were then shared as the 17th March 2017 would have been Ashley’s 38th birthday. Nancy Spielberg was a guest at this ceremony and commented on the attentiveness and engagement of our students who are secure and cherished members of a wonderful Jewish day school, something which is very dear to her heart. We thank Debbie and John Schaffer for the important role they play in the ongoing life and culture of Carmel School.

Carmel School Honours Ashley Schaffer

Hebrew in Year 5

Year 5s have been very busy in Ivrit lessons doing running dictation! This involves lots of listening and speaking in Hebrew as well as collaboration within the group to try and finish first!

The Yr 5 students participated in rotation activities in Ivrit to learn their new milon and to ask and answer questions in Ivrit. They have unscrambled sentences, played matching games, and sorted questions and answers. It's been fun learning Hebrew in year 5!

News from the Primary Library

Thank you Alexa of Year 6.1 and Jayda of Year 2.1 for your generous donation of dozens of pre-loved books to our library.

Synergy Solar Challenge – Carmel into the Finals

This competition was held at Carmel School on Tuesday 21 March.

Carmel had two Year 6 and Year 8 teams enter.

The competition involved the students being supplied with a solar car to build by Synergy and experimenting with this to get it travel the fastest.

On the day of competition, they are given a brand new kit and have to rebuild the car based on what they have learnt previously.

Cloudy conditions on the day meant we had to use batteries instead of solar.

They then race off against the other schools.

Unfortunately, our two year 8 teams were run off against each other first which knocked one team out instantly. The other team then went on to place second which puts them into the finals.

Well done to the following teams:

Team A – knocked out by Team B

Rafi Cowan

Aidan Marcov

Josh Hoenig

Team B – through to finals, 2nd on the day

Avi Kotkis

Ethan Amor

Michael Bricker

Jarred Wolpert

The grand final will be held at Synergy Park, King’s Park at 09:30 am on Wednesday 5 April.

One of the Year 6 teams is also into the finals.

Wish them luck!!!

Primary and High School students take part in the Synergy Solar Car Challenge

High School News

UIA Women's Function

On Sunday, the Carmel Hebrew students from Years 10-12 attended the UIA Women's Function. We heard Nancy Spielberg, the sister of Steven Spielberg speak about her experience with Judaism and Zionism throughout her life. It was very interesting to hear a new perspective on how she felt about her Jewish identity and Zionism. Dr. Nitza Neuman- Heimen is the Deputy Director of the largest medical hospital in the south of Israel. The hospital absorbs Doctor immigrants who did not initially pass the required exam to a 14 month course. They can then retake the test and 95% of them pass after participating in the program. Lior Raichel who was both an F16 pilot in the IDF and a surgeon also spoke ot the evening.

Written by Dean and Yannai

Year 10-12 Students attended the UIA Women's Function

Dr Nitza Newman-Haymanto visits the Year 12 Hebrew Students

The Year 12 Hebrew students were fortunate enough to have Dr Nitza Newman-Haymanto address their class last Monday. Dr Nitza is here for the annual UIA Women's Division function. She began by introducing herself to us as a mother and a professional doctor, who in addition to her responsibilities as a second-in-charge at her hospital in Beer Sheva, helps to facilitate doctors that are making Aliyah. She explained to us the difficulties and thought processes of students our age in Israel. This includes army service and the various emotional burdens this may involve. She spoke about how people our age in Israel transition from a relaxed school environment to the more serious atmosphere of the army where they have more responsibility and are required to become independent. Dr Nitza then inquired about our own lives in order to help draw this comparison for us. The class was able to benefit from Dr Nitza's words, finding a new avenue through which they can connect with the Israeli youth and fostering an understanding of the privileges that we have in Australia, not having to grow up so fast. We would like to thank Dr Nitza for coming to talk to us, her sweet disposition and the warm manner in which she generously invited us all to her house next year was thoroughly appreciated.

written by Hadassa Solomon, Sara Benjamin and Ella Tairy

Year 10 Science compete in Brain Bee Challenge

Our Year 10 students took part in the Australian Brain Bee Challenge (ABBC) this week. The ABBC is a competition for high school students to learn about the brain and its functions. They learn about neuroscience research and find out about careers in neuroscience. This helps to dispel misconceptions about neurological and mental illnesses.

The program was started in Australia in 2006 to address a number of deficiencies in the public's perception of science in general, and neuroscience in particular.

Students who qualify will get to go to the state championships later in the year at UWA

Mr Edmunds and Mrs Paioff

News from the High School English Department

A Boost for Our Debaters

Carmel School Debaters have been given a wonderful opportunity to enhance their debating skills in 2017. This year, The English department has employed Savannah Victor to provide coaching sessions for our Novice and Junior teams.

Savannah has a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer our students. A debater herself, Savannah went on to join both the WADL Regional Office and the WADL Metro Schools competition as an adjudicator. She is the current Convener of the Albany School Debating Competition; a positon she has held for three years.

Over the past two weeks, Savannah has provided coaching sessions for the Junior team. The students have responded to her support with enthusiasm. Hannah, Drew and Santino have appreciated her help when structuring their case and discerning which arguments should be emphasised.

Savannah will begin to coach the Novice teams next week in preparation for Round Two of the WADL competition

Savannah Victor coaches our debators

Book Club Inaugural Meeting

The inaugural meeting of the Carmel Book club took place on Tuesday 14 March in the library. Students met with Mrs Ward and eagerly shared their enthusiasm for our chosen novel, which was All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. The students discussed what they enjoyed and we shared our insights. The novel is set in Europe during war time and we discussed the problems faced by the ordinary people during those troubled times. The novel tells its story through different characters, namely, a young, blind French girl and a young German boy -- who gets caught up in the Hitler Youth movement. The novel is well-written and has some beautifully descriptive passages. The Carmel Book Clubbers thoroughly recommend this book!

Dorot Carmel

Some of last years Year 12 students who are currently in Israel ran the Jerusalem marathon in support of the Charity One Family

One Family providing constant support to injured and bereaved families across Israel

Brad, Dean and Jordan at the Jerusalem Marathon

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