The Midwest- 5A Mason, Abbie, and caitlin

Welcome to the Midwest! The states here include Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Oklahoma.

The overall climate here is really cold with lots of snow. But, the average yearly temperatures can reach up to the 80s!

In the summer, the average temperatures are the mid to high 80s. However, it feels hotter because the humidity in the summer is caused by the same moisture that brings winter snows. Sometimes, the heat can be up to the three digits! You won't need a coat at all.

In the fall, the Midwest is in the 50°s-70°s. All you'll need is a sweatshirt or a light jacket.

The winters are cold enough to get snow here, but in many parts of the region, it's around 50°! You might need a winter coat depending on where you live.

In the South, there is up to 16 inches of rainfall. In the West, there is less than 6 inches of rainfall.

During spring, it's 50°-70°. Just like autumn! You will need to wear the same things as autumn in the spring.

"How is the weather and climate tracked?" you might ask. To track these, we use technology, weather balloons, thermometers, barometers, wind vanes, wind socks, hygrometers, and much more!

The 3rd largest tornado outbreak in the U.S happened in 2013 and brought more than 73 tornados to the midwest, causing over 100 wounds and claiming 11 lives. It caused about $1.6 billion in damage!

In nice weather, the Midwest gets lots of sunshine!

Tornados are common in the midwest


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