Out & About On Fogo Island

In 2015 I began a new chapter in my life.My husband of 46 years had passed away just a year before, as I was set to retire from my job. I was approached by the Fogo Island Inn to become a Community Host for the Inn. I was delighted but a bit nervous about beginning this new chapter. Following you'll see some of my photos from some of my days 'out & about '

Brimstone Head located in the Community of Fogo, with the sun setting behind it. It is has been declared by the Flat Earth Society to be the fourth corner of the earth. There are steps leading to the top, giving the hiker a great view of Change Islands in the distance.
Dwyer Premises in Tilting. Salt cod drying on the flake.
Another of the Dwyer Premises in Tilting.
From inside the old home at the Dwyer Premises, now a museum.
Looking through the window at the flake & stage.
A panoramic view of the ocean
The sky reflected in the water
Caribou grazing
The sky on fire
Old fishing premises Joe Batt's Arm
Island Harbour
The Inn from the trail to the Long Studio
Beautiful Seldom, my home community
Blue Berries
Dog Berries
The Long Studio
The Squish Studio
The steps leading to the top of Brimstone Heaf
Aunt Lol's House, Seldom
The little boats of Newfoundland, Joe Batt's Arm
An old picket fence
A beautiful day
Steps leading to the Bridge Studio
Keefe's Stage, Tilting

This is my third summer as a Community Host. My life is full, I love what I'm doing and the good Lord willing I'll be doing this for many years to come. I apologize for not having photos of every community. This is a trial run & I hope to post more later.

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