Nature on Display: The underwater exhibit was definitely my favorite. I found the design of this particular exhibit to be especially appealing because I love marine life! However, I've never actually been to an aquarium. Walking through this exhibit gave me a clue as to what an aquarium might be like. The exhibit really captured my attention for a few reasons. First, I loved the lighting and color of the room as I felt I was really in the water with the animals. Secondly, a lot of the marine life was 3-D. This made the experience even cooler! I was face to face with a huge fish at one point. I loved the detail of this exhibit, especially the coral all over the room. I learned more about oceans and their creatures and that in itself, made the exhibit enjoyable. The atmosphere just enhanced my experience. I particularly enjoyed learning about the interaction between the different fish species and what roles they play in their ecosystem.

Fish are friends, not food!

Nature and Ethics: The butterfly garden really allowed me to love, respect, and appreciate the land just as Leopold would have wanted. Being able to walk through the garden with thousands of species of butterflies flying around me was really awesome! One even landed on me. This moment was special because the staff urges you not to approach the butterflies or touch them but instead, let them come to you. This interaction was totally up to the butterfly and when it landed on my finger, I felt pretty connected with nature. The fact that this exhibit is available to allow guests to interact with nature is something we shouldn't take for granted. The environment of the garden was peaceful and serine. It's definitely an exhibit I would like to continue to visit. I also learned more about butterflies and their habitats while walking through. I saw all types of butterflies but my favorite was the Blue Monarch. Knowing that I wasn't the only one who was blown away by the beauty of these creatures made the experience even better. Almost everyone in the exhibit was just as intrigued and respectful as I was. There was a little child who attempted to grab at a butterfly but was strictly corrected after the fact. Hopefully he'll be taught to respect and appreciate the nature around him! After all, the land and its inhabitants have more to offer than just economic value. There's so much beauty and this exhibit taught me to open my eyes to that.

This is an Eastern Back Swallowtail! I loved his bright yellow wings.

Nature and the Human Spirit: The Natural History Museum allows us to step out of our ordinary lives because it creates a space that we might not always be around or learn from. I learned about marine life, indian tribes and civilizations, pre-historic life, etc. These are all topics that I wouldn't usually learn about. Because we have a place to go and further our knowledge, we better appreciate who we are, what is around us, where we came from, and the mystery that accompanies all of these aspects. Although there are many facts within this museum there are also many unknowns. Perhaps that is what makes it more special or majestic though. It's nice to think of life outside of what we live in or know. It's also interesting to think of what is still undiscovered. This curiosity helps us grow and look for more opportunities to learn from our world. It also helps us to see something bigger than ourselves. This prehistoric skeleton was really neat to me because it symbolized what has come before me. I'm excited to continue visiting the Natural History Museum to learn more about history, science, culture, nature, and much much more.

This guy is huge!

*All pictures were taken by Emma Hicks or Ben Hicks*


Emma Hicks or Ben HicksĀ 

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