Tour of the Harn


I was very excited to go the the Harn Museum of Art as I love going to art museums and being able to see all the pieces on display. I love the atmosphere, the hushed voices, and the appreciation of different people and cultures portrayed in the artwork. Over all, I thought the museum had a wonderful collection and I cannot wait to go back next time. Perspectives of art change as time goes by and I am interested in what I will notice differently the next time around.

Medium of the Art

The untitled sculpture by John Chamberlain is a crumpled ball of aluminum foil, acrylic, lacquer and polyresin. Chamberlain creates his sculptures out of crushed cars. Seeing the sculpture in person lets you really appreciate the texture. This piece particularly stood out to me because I have a deep-rooted fear of cars and car crashed. The fact that Chamberlain could transform this piece of metal from what would terrify me to something that is beautiful is absolutely remarkable to me.

Design of the Museum

The Paula and Marshall Criser Garden is a beautiful area of gravel, plants, and sculptures. The garden is walled off by glass but there is no ceiling for the garden and it lets the sunlight shine in from above. It is very aesthetically pleasing. I love plants so the garden drew my attention immediately with the bright green against the white walls. The garden gives off a calming sensation and it accentuates the sculpture of the woman very nicely.

Art and Core Vlues

Bicycles by Stuart Robert Purser is an oil painting on canvas. It depicts a group of people riding bikes. It shows care free everyday life. It embodies my core value of being able to take a break and to do something you enjoy. Take the time to enjoy the outdoors or another's company. To me, I feel this piece shares the joy of the bicyclist with the viewers. It shares the joy they feel and lets the viewer want to partake.

Art and the Good Life

These art pieces, “You’re seeing less than half the picture”, “When racism and sexism are no longer fashionable, how much will your art collection be worth?”, and Guerrilla Girls’ definition of a hypocrite” from the Guerrilla Girls exhibit embody the fight against racism and sexism and other forms of discrimination through art. In the theme of fighting for the good life, they take a stand against oppression and use their art to spread awareness about the injustices still happening today.

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