Chapter 17 section 3-4 By stevie

Telegraph allowed people to communicate across vast distances by sending codes signals over wires

Gail Borden Jr.the newspaper was founded by dairy businessman

Herman lungkwitz respected artists of the 1850s

In 1852-1860 large number of newspapers growing from 36-more then 80

In 1859s Texas population grew

Spirituals religious folk songs rang through black churches carrying messages of hope and faith

Abolition an end to slavery

In 1840s he announced a plan to buy slaves so that he could give them freedom

In 1856 one slave uprising was planned

In 1860 rumors spread that an outbreak if fire in North Texas was part of a slave plot


Created with images by Anosmia - "International Slavery Museum" • Boston Public Library - "Anti-slavery celebration" • Boston Public Library - "One hour of American slavery is fraught with more misery than ages of that which we rose in rebellion to oppose."

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