2010 Chilean Earthquake By: Matt Boles

An 8.8 magnitude earthquake struck Chile near the coast on February 27, 2010 at 3:34 local time. It was caused by the Nazca plate colliding into the South American plate and going below the South American Plate. The Epicenter was located 8 km west of a town called Curanipe.

This is a seismograph reading of the earthquake in chile picked up on a station at royal holloway. The p-wave is the single giant line on the left part of the graph and the s-waves are the large spike of lines so large that it covers some of the reading station information at the top. The epicenter of the earthquake was found by thousands of similar stations using the Time interval of p and s waves triangulating the exact epicenter by comparing data with other seismograph stations.

The Nazca plate is subducting under the south american plate at an average of 70 mm per year so it is not surprising that an earthquake would occur in that area. only 525 people died which is actually low considering the magnitude of the earthquake and the tsunami that followed. The earthquake had serious economic effects on the country of Chile as it caused 30 billion dollars worth of damage just for Chile and it costed millions of dollars for other countries mostly from the tsunami.

A plane delivers materials to those affected by the Earthquake in Chile.

Chile is a primarily Spanish speaking country and is 88 percent white and non-indigenous. 9.1 percent Mapuche, Aymara is .7 percent. Chile in particular the west coast of Chile closer to the Nazca plate has historically been a seismically active area, Chile was unlucky to host the largest earthquake in recorded history in 1960 a 9.5 magnitude earthquake struck the region destroying everything in its path. Since then buildings in Chile improved and are some of the best when it comes to resisting earthquakes.

In the coming months people were questioning what went wrong in informing the public about the coming tsunami and poorly organized evacuation techniques that were responsible for most of the deaths at the hands of the tsunami.

The Tsunami that followed the earthquake devastated many communities.

The Tsunami following the Earthquake devastated places as far as Japan which had a few fatalities and Islands all over the Pacific were pounded by the tsunami luckily many of these islands had few inhabitants or were prepared for it.

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Created with images by DFAT photo library - "Loading supplies in response to Chile earthquake, Sydney 2010. Photo: AusAID" • Andrés Gonzalez y nada más... - "El buey!"

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