Glad to Wear Plaid A photo essay by grace larson

The busy Mercy hallways.

Josie Browning smiles at the camera realizing that it is there.

Rachel Phillips studies while Sohpia Mace explains a story to her friends in Thoelogy class.

Learning about your faith everyday with the people you are closest to is probably the best thing about attending Catholic schools.

Danielle Stolze and Emily George courtesy to each other for the photo.

We aren’t just glad to wear plaid, we are glad to be with each other!

Entryway to the library.

Two Mercy girls walk down the hallway towards the office while other students are in study hall.

The sun shines through the beautiful stained glass windows in the chapel, illuminating the whole room.

A uniform is one of the first things that people think of when they hear “Catholic School.” Is it really as bad as people make it seem? Short answer: No. Long answer: A uniform is not only clothing, but a symbol of our unity and oneness with each other, plus, it’s handy not having to pick out an outfit everyday!

Another view of our chapel.

The Mercy chapel is very important to many people not only because of the wonderful masses we celebrate in there, but also the people inside of it.

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