Tournament Rules & Information 2019 GoodFellas Gentlemen's Member-Guest



Four-Ball Match Play Best Ball of Partners/ Five Nine-Hole Matches: Each player is entitled to 90% of his USGA handicap (Rounded Off). Each team will be flighted according to combined handicaps of both the member and his guest, as determined by their April 15th, 2019 handicap indexes. Each flight will consist of six (6) teams with each team playing a nine-hole match against each of the other 5 teams in their flight. Matches will be played as a Four-Ball Match Play Best Ball of Partners, playing off the lowest handicap in the foursome. Handicap strokes will be given as they fall on the scorecard. Flights not consisting of six teams will be required to play a match against "PAR". Scoring of the matches will remain the same for the "Par" match. Each team in the flight will play one of their matches against "PAR" over the two days of matches.

Handicaps and Dispersion

The Committee has established tournament handicaps for this event. The basis for the handicap is the following: Current scores, USGA handicap index effective on the April 15th, 2019 revision, past tournament performance. All participants must have an established USGA handicap index or international equivalent. The competition will be contested on the GOLD, WHITE/GOLD or WHITE tees. The difference between the member’s handicap, as determined by his index and his guest’s may not be more than 10 strokes. If the differential is more than 10 strokes, the higher handicap will be adjusted down accordingly. For example, a member with a 5 handicap invites a guest with a 25 handicap. The 5 handicap would remain the same, but the 25 handicap would be adjusted to a 15. This limitation has been put into place to uphold the spirit of the event and to provide equitable competition within flights. Competitors playing the WHITE/GOLD tees will receive 1 extra stroke added to their handicap due to the difference in the course ratings (USGA 9-3c). Competitors playing the WHITE tees will receive 2 extra strokes added to their handicap due to the difference in the course ratings (USGA 9-3c).


There are approximately 7 flights competing in the 2019 GoodFellas. The flights have been named after historic casinos of Las Vegas lore.

Scoring the Matches

There is one official scorecard for each foursome and one additional scorecard for the opponents. The player with the lowest handicap is the official scorer for the match. Each team will be awarded one (1) point for winning a match, a half (½) point for tying a match, and no points for losing a match. The team accumulating the most match points in their five matches will be declared the flight winner.

No Show Policy

A team failing to show for a match will be awarded zero (0) points, and 1 point to the team honoring the match.

The Breaking of Ties

If after the five nine-hole matches within a flight there is a tie, it will first be determined by the head-to-head match played between the two teams. If the tie continues, the team with the highest point total from Day 1 will be the winner. If a tie continues to persist, a chip-off will occur to determine the Flight Champion.

Shotgun Starts

Throughout the event, all matches will be played and completed “ON THE NINE THAT YOU BEGIN”. For example, if you begin on hole #3, your match will be played and completed on the front nine on hole #2. Do not make the turn; stay on the nine you started from. Upon the completion of your first nine-hole match, please proceed to your next match and assigned starting hole for the upcoming shotgun. After completion of your second match each day return to the clubhouse for lunch.

"Wiseguy's" Championship Shootout

The top team in each flight is invited to participate in the "Wiseguy's" Championship Shootout starting at 2:00 pm on Saturday. The “Wiseguy’s” Championship Shootout will determine the overall 2019 GoodFellas Champions. In addition, it will determine 1st-7th places in the Calcutta payout.

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather, the Course Superintendent and Director of Golf will meet one hour prior to the scheduled start of play. All decisions will be made to complete both tournament rounds. All decisions made will be relayed through the Golf Shop (702-856-8412). Any cancellations or delay situations will be updated and announced every half hour. If either tournament round is canceled, prizes will be awarded on completed matches. All food and beverages related events would be held as scheduled. If less than three matches are completed by dusk on Saturday, Saturday’s schedule format will be duplicated on Sunday to complete two unplayed matches and the championship shootout.

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