How to put up a deer stand. By: lane Sparks

First you buy a good hang on stand.I recommend to buy a Summit hang on stand because they are big and durable.

Then you find a good tree. I would find a big tree because the Summit Backcountry is a little heavier than other stands.
Next you find pegs or a tree stand ladder steps, to put on your tree. I would prefer tree stand ladder steps.
Then you climb the pegs or tree stand ladder steps with your platform and bring your ratchet straps up the tree.
Finally you put the stand on the tree and take your ratchet around the stand. Get the ratchet really tight so you can`t fall out of the tree.
I would avoid from buying a cheap stand because you pay for what you get. One tip is get straps for your stand, so you can carry it up the tree. Second tip is find a stand that doesn't squeak. Third tip is get strong ratchet straps that don`t erode.I learned this from my dad. He taught me to find the perfect tree with the most deer sign. He also taught me to strap on the tree, while putting the stand on the tree. My dad taught me to be safe and not stupid on putting up a stand.

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