Kathryn's Story A NEW perspective

Looking through my daughter's eyes, I see the world so differently. I see so many opportunities and possibilities that I once overlooked. Growing up I always played it safe. If I didn't have to do it, I didn't. So afraid to explore or try anything new, with excuses at the ready for why I couldn't do it. Not giving myself a chance was the biggest disservice I could do to myself, I basically failed before I even started, fear had become my inhibitor.

It wasn't until I entered my mid to late 30's that I started to really reflect on my life. Thinking about all of my past accomplishments and all of things I wanted to do, my "bucket list". Not sure if I am going through a mid-life crisis but I feel this sudden need to try new things, to learn all I can, to travel more and just have fun. As I set out to tackle the items on my bucket list I realized that I needed a plan of attack. Given my history with stepping outside of my comfort zone I decided to set a balance in goals (small and large). I set small goals up to help build my confidence and keep me motivated to work through the bigger ones.

I recently completed a small goal, which was a six-week ice skating class. My goal was to get around the rink with confidence and be able to stop. Sure, it's just a beginner's class but old habits are hard to break, right before my first class started I began to psyche myself out. "What if I fell and broke something? What if people laughed?" I sucked it up, put my skates on and got on the ice. I was so proud of myself for completing the class. By the way everyone falls, even the best skaters. Take a look at the video below.

Writing my first Children's book and going back to school are two of my bigger goals. The Children's book was a doozy, because no one would publish me. I received so many rejection letters that I started to doubt myself again, "I can't do this". I pushed through with the support of friends and family, finding my way through with self-publishing. I actually did it, my book is published and it's out there for anyone to read.

My first book signing.

As for going back to school to get my Masters, well that took a few years for me to finally convince myself that I could do this. I worried about the sacrifice my family would face. I worried about going into a new field that wasn't design. I worried about getting older. But when I found the IMC program, it felt right. I had to give it a try and I am here, I am doing it!

"Life is too short to second guess yourself, surprise yourself with the best person out there, YOU."

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