Peru Shriya, Abrielle, Boris, Daniel, Johnney


Some of the tourist attractions are The Inca Trail, and Machu Picchu. In Peru there is 76% of people that live in urban areas, and 24% that live in rural areas. Some other interesting facts are that an ex- solider was elected President. Peru's Macchu Pichu was named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007.


During Spanish Revolutions in Latin America, one of the leaders was Simon Bolivar. This man freed many countries, one of them was Peru. Our logo is a picture of Simon Bolivar with a soccer ball under his foot. He has his sword in his holster and a stripe from his shoulder to his hip. This is our picture.


The government type in Peru is a unitary and the current leader is President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski. The economy type for Peru is mixed but it's closer to a Market economy. Being a constitutional republic, our government is very pro-tourist and pro-travel. We greatly believe that with our government the World Cup will be much more enjoyable. Since our government is all about freedom, every religion from around the world is legal. Our citizens have a fun time socializing. In just a few minutes, you could have a friend from a foreign country. We believe having the World Cup in Peru is the best idea you could ever have. Our economy, being a socialist market economy, is a market economy with some government regulation. This will greatly impact our economy in a good way. Our GDP, being the 39th in the world, will be boosted greatly, every year we get our usual GDP+6.3% of that every year. One country that would not want the world cup to be in Peru would be Chile. They would not want the world cup to be in our beautiful country because they think they’ll be too much violence in the arena.


Created with images by kud4ipad - "3Angle - Sea, Land, Sky" • D-Stanley - "La Raya Pass" • SEDACMaps - "Peru: Population Density, 2000"

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