Geometry in My Neighborhood By:Aubrey


In this presentation I will be sharing about a building in my neighborhood that I decided to draw. I will be explaining what the geometric features are used for and I will be sharing with you all the lines, angles and geometric shapes that are in my drawing. And I will share why the building's geometric features are important.

This is the house I decided to draw.
The octagon shape is used for a window, it adds to the look of the house. The triangle roof will protect the house and people in it and when it rains the water will slide off the roof and onto the ground. The long rectangles under the house keeps the bottom of the house secure and it keeps animals out. The many rectangle and square shapes are windows to let air and light inside. Also it is easier to find rectangle and square windows then the circle windows or other shapes of windows.
This a straight square wall it has 4 right angles,2 pairs of parallel lines,4sides,4 angles,and is two dimensional.

The 2d square and rectangle walls of the house are important because it holds up the roof and it is the main part of the house.Also,it protects the people inside.

This is a stair case it has lots of rectangles. The rectangles have 2 pairs of parallel lines,4sides,4angles,and 4 right angles.

Th stairs are important because they provide yo a way to get out and in to the house.Also it lets you go up and down from it.

This is a window it is shaped like a square it has 4 sides,4 angles,4 vertices and has 2 pair of parallel lines.

It is important because the window gives you the light and air also it shows you things outside.

Thank you for watching my presentation.Look around For different shapes in your neighborhood.

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