Five women, ten instruments burst out from a chrysalis that had been in countdown mode waiting to explode onto the edgier left of centre side of Irish indie-folk, and released their debut album, “All The Waiting While” 2014. Their music has lead to high-profile appearances on a BBC4 and BBC2 including a documentary series where they were discovered by Midge Ure.

Fast forward a few years and they have metamorphed, grown a full set of wings and are set to soar to even greater heights. Their technicolour, gleefully riotous​ debut was much acclaimed worldwide but it’s the new material that is turning heads and turning more and more people on. “Everything is Normal...Except the Little Things Inside My Head”, the much anticipated sequel to their debut, plays like a cinematic soundtrack that’s otherworldly. The warmth and weirdness of the album is captured on analogue equipment by award winning producer Julie McLarnon, Analogue Catalogue (Happy Mondays, New Order, Jeffrey Lewis and The Vaselines) and is due for release July 2019.

Wookalily sounds like a band that has been on the road and enjoying the trip so well that five individuals have now combined to appear almost as one. They are in perfect harmony. There is a sense of mature sophistication and spirited direction. Audiences savour the rootsy fare they serve up. They flush your head clean; the buzz being generated is zingy, punk-spirited and exhilarating. Live shows are orchestrated to have all the grace and excitement of being flung from a spinning carousel. This is folk music that has ambitions to gatecrash rockier indie-pop circles. A rush of fresh air.

Notable performances: support to Martha Wainwright at Soma, The Limelight Belfast as part of a BBC4 documentary, IBMA songwriter's showcase in Nashville and upcoming dates at Electric Picnic Co.Laois.


"Wookalily have penned some great songs for their second album. Pre-production has been really enjoyable and I'm excited to be on board. It's going to be an organic classic, imagine The Roches joining the Incredible String Band, well that's the road we're on..."

- Julie McLarnon, Annalogue Catalogue Recording Studios, July 2017

'Wookalily's second album promises to be a glorious and perhaps unexpected development from the first one - a work of the same spirit but now with added depth. Where the songs of the first album were upbeat and quirky, those of the second are mesmerising, dreamlike and reflective. It's the fire at midnight and mug of cocoa to the madcap day in the country that went before. It'll be fantastic!'

-Colin Harper, author of Dazzling Stranger: Bert Jansch and the British folk and blues revival (Bloomsbury, 2000) and Bathed In Lightning: John McLaughlin, the 60s and the Emerald Beyond (Jawbone, 2014), June 2017

“Ireland has a wonderful musical heritage thanks to the passing on of skills from generation to generation, father to son and mother to daughter. Add a series of outside influences some great songwriting and you have Wookalily. The all female band, four Irish and one Welsh, make a glorious noise guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a skip in your step”

– Midge Ure OBE, Thin Lizzy, Ultravox & Band Aid, 18th January 2016

“The entire record is one of beauty. For all those people who are fans of Nashville, especially Clare Bowens (AKA Scarlett), work, then this album is for you. A bluegrass, folk, acoustic combination that is mesmerizing. I am totally in love with it and I am sure everyone who comes across it will be too.”

– Alannah Morrow, GiggingNI.com, 2nd October 2015

“All The Waiting While is like a breath of fresh air. Strong songs, passionate playing and harmonies to die for. Irresistable.”

– Ralph McLean, local voices and McLean’s Country BBC Radio Ulster (Official), March 2015

“Wookalily make excellent music and All The Waiting While is a really impressive album. The songs are memorable, the ensemble playing is joyous and it’s always a treat to see the band performing these tunes live. Quite the achievement.”

– Stuart Bailie, BBC Radio Ulster (Official) and CEO Oh Yeah Music Centre, February 2015

“These four young women could (should!) turn out to be the roots music find of the decade. Their playing and arrangements almost defy superlatives.”

– Mike Morrison, Americana Roots UK, 14th December 2014

“One of the most exciting new arrivals on the bluegrass scene – Ireland’s answer to The Be Good Tanyas”

– Mike Davies, Folking.com, 25th November 2014

“Wookalily are the most brilliant, intoxicating and life-enhancing band I’ve heard in 20 years – not only from Northern Ireland, from anywhere. Lindsay Crothers is a vocal sensation. It’s unbelievable that these people can still be seen for free in bars around Belfast.”

– Colin Harper, author of Dazzling Stranger: Bert Jansch and the British folk and blues revival (Bloomsbury, 2000) and Bathed In Lightning: John McLaughlin, the 60s and the Emerald Beyond (Jawbone, 2014), November 2014

“If you think there’s no high energy music around, listen to Wookalilly’s new album. All the Waiting While is full of great, high energy playing, great harmonies, fine funny lyrics….the girls done real good”

– Barry Devlin, bass player, vocalist and front man with Horslips, producer, screen writer and director, November 2014


For bookings email: bookings@wookalily.com

To contact the band: contact@wookalily.com


Carrie Davenport Julie-Ann Rouquette and Michael Barbour

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