Jupiter Jupiter

Characteristics: The big red spot is a giant storm raged for hundreds of years, its colors are red, orange, and white.
Size: 11 x wider than earth.
What's it like: Jupiter has a rock and ice core, halo ring, main ring, and thick cloud layers.
Path: It takes earth 12 years to orbit the sun.
Jupiters radius: look how big it is 43440.7Miles around.
It's so cold: Look at how cold it is.
What's inside?: gases, metals, hydrogen, helium. Jupiter has the largest ocean in the solar system made of hydrogen instead of water deep in the center of the planets the hydrogen atoms are making a liquid conduct like metal in the center of Jupiter is solid material that may be a stick and hot and dance as soup.
Strongest gravity fields: Look at this gravity Field. It pulls things in, creating intense radiation that can damage space crafts.
Moons: Jupiter has 53 moons and 14 moons that they're still trying to confirm, which will make a possible total of 64 moons.
Placement from the sun: Jupiter is placed fifth from the sun.
Spacecraft: Juno spacecraft, flys around and monitors the universe. Juno Arrived in July 2016 in the Jovian system.
Ring: jupiter's ring.
Gases: The Swirling gases are cold Wendy clouds and liquids, (ammonia and water.)
Satellite: One Galilean satellite
No life: No humans on planet, having oceans underneath their crusts of the moon it might support life.
Citation: The only place that I got any of my information from.
Citation: the only place that I got my images from.

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