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We are excited to share the latest edition of CCMR Connect with you. The goal of this publication is to share and highlight the ongoing security cooperation advising, education, and professional development activities that are at the heart of what CCMR does. In this issue you’ll find: stories on the lasting connections we have built with partner countries, cutting edge research from our faculty, details on our collaboration with other US-based organizations, and examples of the hard work and dedication put forth by CCMR faculty/staff to continue to grow this institution. Please do not hesitate to engage with us directly at ccmrinfo@nps.edu – your feedback on CCMR Connect is always welcome. – Steve


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Faculty Spotlight

Blaire M. Harms

Faculty Associate

Prevention, Relief & Recovery Program (right)

Ms. Harms is being highlighted for contributing her expertise to multiple efforts at CCMR over the past few weeks. Most recently, Blaire served as an exercise planner for the 2019 Combined Joint Staff Exercise (CJSE) in Sweden (see below). She also actively contributes to key curriculum in the Countering Violent Extremism, Reintegration of Ex-Combatants & Violent Extremists, Managing Ethnic Conflict & Religious Violence, and Women’s Integration Into the Armed Forces subject areas.

Before joining the CCMR faculty in 2014, she worked on mil-to-mil exercises in the Asia-Pacific area of responsibility with emphasis on Japan, India, Indonesia, New Zealand and Mongolia. Ms. Harms is a 21-year veteran of the US Army Military Intelligence Corps. Her previous assignments include multi-national military training and exercise planning for US Army Pacific, teaching Political Science at the United States Military Academy and postings to the U.S. Army Special Operations Command, the 82d Airborne Division, and the 2d Infantry Division in South Korea. She has a Master’s Degree in Political Science from Rutgers University.


Combined Joint Staff Exercise (CJSE) Sweden

Blaire Harms and Kyle Massey joined a team of exercise planners for a scenario design workshop at the Swedish Armed Forces C2 Regiment in Enköping, Sweden in support of the multinational Combined Joint Staff Exercise 2019. The main event was a Computer Assisted Command Post Exercise (CPX/CAX), which focused on staff work and procedures at the operational and tactical levels within multi-functional Crisis Response Operations (CRO). The exercise was based on a UN chapter VII mandated, NATO-led operation. To make this a successful exercise Harms and Massey provided expertise in hybrid and cyber threats.

On Balance: Intelligence Democratization in Post-Franco Spain

The International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence recently published an article entitled “On Balance: Intelligence Democratization in Post-Franco Spain,” which was co-written by Andrés de Castro García, Carolyn C. Halladay & CCMR's Cris Matei. Dr. Matei is the Program Manager for the Civil-Military Relations (CMR) program, specializing in Latin America and Intelligence & Democracy.

International Defense Acquisition Resource Management (IDARM)

IDARM conducted a contract management course in Accra, Ghana in December 2018. The five-day course examined key considerations associated with defense procurement and contracting. Emphasis was placed on procurement planning and effective contract management. Officers from the Ghanaian Army, Navy, and Air Force were represented.

Defense Governance Management Team (DGMT)

DGMT supported a Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Western Hemisphere Affairs (DASD WHA) sponsored “Colombia Defense Institution Building Stakeholder Meeting” from 23-24 Jan 2019. The intent of the meeting was to identify opportunities and set policy priorities for Institutional Capacity Building (ICB) within U.S. security cooperation goals and the context of Colombia’s shifting security environment under new political leadership.

Civil-Military Emergency Preparedness (CMEP) Program

On January 11, CCMR’s Civil-Military Emergency Preparedness (CMEP) Team met with representatives from the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM); National Emergency Managers’ Association (NEMA); and the National Alliance for Public Safety GIS Foundation (NAPSG) to discuss to discuss areas of mutual interest including policy, professional standards and other activities. L-R Matt Cowles (NEMA), Karl Frantz (CMEP), Ashley Woodson (CMEP), Ben Tuck (CMEP), Beth Armstrong (IAEM), Scott Moreland (CMEP) and Peter O’Rourke (NAPSG).

In other CMEP news, a short video clip was recently released by the Ohio National Guard (ONG) which details a NATO Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre (EADRCC) exercise in Serbia where CMEP and ONG provided expertise and support. “We have been working with Serbia for many years,” says Civil-Military Emergency Preparedness Project Lead Diane Acurio in the video, and "we always invite the Ohio State Partnership Program to join us on our events. We see their value as experts in their field and in emergency preparedness.” Click the link below to access the video via The Ohio Channel and skip to 2:00 for more details.

Prevention, Relief, and Recovery (PR&R)

A recent participant from CCMR’s “Reintegration of Ex-Combatants & Violent Extremists” resident course (pictured right) is in the news. Col Beyidi Markus Martins was interviewed by Public Radio International (PRI) and featured in a segment on de-radicalization/ reintegration program for Boko Haram defectors in Nigeria. Col Martins is the Commandant of the Operation Safe Corridor, De-Radicalization, Rehabilitation, and Reintegration (DRR) Camp Gombe, Nigeria.

The short video clip from the BBC below has more information on the de-radicalization project in Nigeria.

Maritime Security Program

In the most recent iteration of our “Civil-Military Approaches to Maritime Security” Course, participants had a chance to explore the local sites in the Monterey Bay as a part of the Field Studies Program (FSP). FSP allows international military students the opportunity to become familiar with the United States; its social, cultural, and political institutions; and its people and their ways of life. The program further increases the participants’ awareness of the US commitment to basic principles of internationally recognized human rights. Pictured here are participants visiting California State Parks and US Coast Guard Station Monterey.

Security Cooperation & Regional Education (SC&RE) Program

CCMR Prepares the 2-113th Infantry Battalion, 50th IBCT for their Force Protection Mission in the Horn of Africa

CCMR conducted a seminar for the Task Force Warriors (2-113th Infantry Battalion) of the 50th Infantry Brigade Combat Team from the 12th-13th January 2019 at the New Jersey Training Center, Sea Grit to prepare the battalion for their critical Security Force Assistance mission, to include working with military forces of partner nations and responding to crises within the Combined Joint Task Force Horn of Africa area of operation, a region that hosts the only U.S. military base, and the most number of UN peacekeeping missions.

HQ Updates

Have you noticed the changes going on at the CCMR HQ?
CCMR's Katie Wise received the "Above & Beyond Award" for the tireless work over the holidays.

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