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Modern day medicine and procedures are doing things that we used to think it unimaginable. Is what these surgeons doing helping society or hurting it? Just like Frankenstein modern medicine are doing miracles but are they hurting society.


Allowing surgeons to conduct these experiments is a scary thought. They may turn out just like Frankenstein, when you fail an experiment you want to try and try until you get it right. These unimaginable surgeries could be a start of an addiction for surgeons because they want to be the first to achieve what shouldn't be achievable.

I received my information from "Balancing Modern Medical benefits and risks" written by Peter Juhn, Audrey Phillips and Kathy Buto. They expressed the dangers and benifits of modern medicine and how the procedure may not go as expected and may be against popular interest but the physicians just want to help cure people.

modern implication

Recently a Chinese doctor, Surgeon Xiaoping Ren, has been conducting head transplants on mice and he has been more successful then not. Although the mice didn't live longer but a few hours the possibility is still there and next Ren wants to conduct the transplant on a monkey, “hoping to create the first head-transplanted primate that can live and breathe on its own, at least for a little while." Ren has acquired the nickname of "Dr. Frankenstein".


Procedures such as these could cause many to question the ethics of surgeons. The idea of being able to create something so impossible is mind boggling and really shouldn't be possible. are surgeons just experimenting as far as they can go.

I received my information about Surgeon Xiaoping Ren's experiments in "This Groundbreaking 'Frankenstein' Surgery Will Literally Make Your Head Spin" by Jen Wieczner in Time Magazine. This was a good article because it gave all the information about the experiments and where Ren is hoping the experiments lead and what other people think about his experiments.


This information is important to know because we shouldn't be oblivious to what happens around the world. You never know when something like this will show up on our doorstep. Some people may be really against surgeons even conducting experiments like this.


So what's next? First it's doing head transplants, then what? Creating an actual Frankenstein. What I've learned through this process is that nothing is ever good enough. People are just aren't happy with one thing, they want to keep pushing there limits but what happens when you take it to far?

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