PRHS Athletes Struggling With Grades

At Paso High School, athletes struggle to keep their grades above a 2.0 average. It’s hard for athletes to keep their grades up as they have to go to 2-3 games a week plus practices (2 hours a day, 5 days a week). Bearcats have a hard time keeping up with their classes when their sports teams require them to leave class early for games and they end up missing a lot of class time. Students are tired at school because they stay up late to study and come home tired from games or practices. When they get home it is late, and by the time they get started on homework, they are too tired to understand the material. Former PRHS student athlete Jared Hernandez says,” Last year I usually had to stay up late to get my math homework and anything else I had to get done.” When students leave school early for a game or match, it is hard to get work done as other students distract them on the bus. When students get back from games they are very tired and can’t focus on homework. Most sports at Paso High have two hour practices which run from 4-6 or 6-8, depending on what team athletes are on. (Frosh, Junior Varsity, Varsity). ”If practices were shorter or started earlier when I played soccer, it would've been easier,” says Jared.The controversial question is: Is it better to have sports activities during school or after school? PRHS student athlete Maddox Frontera says,”It's hard for students to get work done because most sports teams have practice 5 days a week and teachers give out homework almost every single day including the weekends.”Both ways have their pros and cons. If students leave school early they miss class and can be misinformed on assignments and projects. They would have to spend their time at school to get caught up. On the other hand, students will be home earlier to get their homework finished. If they wait until school is over to leave they will return too late to get their work done.

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