St. Louis Rowing Club Created by emma ewell

I was able to interview the towered of whom I medaled at Junior Nationals with. It was such an amazing race that deserved a cover story. I talked to seniors Sarah Sorel and Josie Volk asking about the overall experience and what the boat dynamic was like. I was also able to interview sophomore Ana Klenke she told me about how all of the training paid off and how she felt she made everyone proud. Unfortunately I was not able to get an interview with every rower but the reaction I caught in each shot was perfect. “It was insane.” stated Sarah. Her face lit up with excitement and that’s what I wanted to capture. I loved that I was able to get into the action and really capture what rowing is all about and get clips for the viewers who don’t exactly know what rowing is.

Sophomore ,Ana Klenke, practicing out on the water.
Senior, Sarah Sorel, getting oars down to the dock with a fellow junior rower.

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