How Global Warming affects Sheep Apparently it shrinks them

Sheep lives everywhere. They can be raised in hot or cold temperatures,but if its too hot it can do something weird.

Global warming

Global warming is when too much carbon dioxide gets in the air and traps the heat in the earth. Basically its like the air can come in but it cant go out.

2 ways global warming affects sheep.

The first way, is that the bighorn sheep lives in the desert. It mainly eats grass and it breaks cacti to get water. How it breaks cacti is it use its horns to break open the cactus. But since the bighorn sheep eats grass, and there's more heat in the world, grass will start dying because it's too hot and very little water. A second way how global warming affects sheep is that apparently it shrinks them. It shrinks them because of their wool and heat.The more wool the more it shrinks basically. Here's an example, you bought a new shirt at a store, then you wash it, and start drying it. Then the shirt was a little smaller than before. That's what happens to sheep but without the washing part. The sheep is the shirt and the sun is the dryer . So why is shrink sheep a problem? Basically nothing changes about them but sheep will be smaller than usual and if they start reproducing there will be a world of small sheep.


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