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Composed of 50 states today and only consisting with 13 in 1776, American has transformed into the world's super power. America is assimilated as the land of opportunity and home to diversity which has been contributed with several events helping with the fortification of the country through technological advancements, democratic enhancements, militant techniques, and human rights. Leading up to the America's major role in the world, many decisions had to be made by several representatives that has ultimately positively affected the country.


America has beautiful landscapes and sites that are fascinating. Many of the constructions require years of hard work and dedication from American residents from which derives from architects, engineers, and the construction workers. Working together, the capitalist country of America has thrived.

Hoover Dam Construction

One of the most demanding and prodigious constructions of American history was the Hoover Dam. Beginning in 1930 and an unanticipated finish of five years, 21,000 men were put to work in critical conditions. With a success, America had managed to build the largest man made infrastructure of the time while supplying southwestern cities with water. Without the Hoover Dam, prosperous cities in the south west wouldn't be near their flourish. Other advantages follow such as the ability for the dam to control flooding as well as supplying more than a million people each year. (

Transcontinental Railroad

With over 2,000 miles between Los Angeles and New York, an effective source of transportation was needed for many reasons during the industralization era. A plan that was organized for more than 10 years began in order efficiently transport goods and people quicker. Laying 1,776 miles of tracks over a course of six years beginning in 1863, three railroad companies owned and profited from this outrageous innovation. It changed America due to many reasons such as its benefit to deliver $50 million worth of freight every year, its ability to encourage travel, and lower expenses, ultimately positively affecting the economy. Before the task was complete, people had to Building this rail road demonstrates America's determined ability to get a difficult task done culminating into the super power it is today. Many countries don't have the capability to build such demanding projects especially as a new country which characterizes America notably. (Soft Schools)

21st Century

America remains one of the best countries in the world with an astounding economy that allows success to travel among the states. Out of 9 of the richest tech companies, 8 of them originated from the US, home to science and research. Amazon, Microsoft, and AT&T are 3 of many multi billion dollar revenues that continue to magnify in our capitalist country. Research has also allowed the country to develop many advancements such as hydraulic fracturing, beginning in the 1990s, which has contributed to the fact that America holds the title of number 1 oil producer. Without education, research becomes a difficult task, so the economy is impressive due to the free education the country offers, allowing students to continue their path onto universities. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 20.5 million students were expected to attend universities in the fall of 2016 which identifies the determination to learn and have success resulting in a rich economy and future. Based on the Central Intelligence Agency, the US is ranked number 18 with a GDP of $53,700 as of 2016 which is almost double the value of Russia's. (Bremmer) (Central Intelligence Agency) (U.S. Department of Education)

Atomic Bomb

The atomic bomb was a prestigious discovery which has genuinely changed the world. Such a mass murder weapon was uncovered for denotation in the summer of 1945. With the intelligence and determination, America unleashed the approach to modern warfare which surprised many countries such as Italy, Germany, and Japan- who thought such thing was impossible. The United States Government designed the weapon which labored an end to World War II with the bombing in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This contribution didn't officially end the war but significantly impacted the world. This discovery didn't just appear but it was developed by hundreds of determined intellectuals and leaders. Albert Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity displayed the mechanics into the creation of the atomic bomb that made this discovery possible. The Manhattan Project was the name of the research development that organized the findings and in just over two years, nuclear weapons were born. Being the first to use this weapon shows America's capacity to surpass every countries' intellectual means. (Atomic Heritage Foundation)

American Revolution

Before America became its own country, it was already initiating decisions to become its own with the Declaration of Independence, but Britain had denied it. With the British army being the best of its time, it was a difficult task to overcome them especially in 1775 when only one third of Americans actually supported the war and American soldiers were not well equipped. The American Revolution tested the colonies' capacities in a series of battles lasting from 1775 to 1783. From this knowledge, it was incomprehensible how America could have gained its independence from Britain, however America's techniques such as guerrilla warfare lead them to victory. The distance between the two was a major benefit for America because it was difficult for Britain to transport equipment and soldiers quickly. Besides that, America's fighting techniques and determination lead to continuing source of success there is today.

Battle of Saratoga was the turning point in the war as it marked a clear victory between America and Britain which defined a chance for America to gain its independence. It was fall of 1777 and American troops were able to defeat 86% of General John Burgoyne's troops which caused them to surrender. Such overwhelming victory gave America a stronghold to the path to liberation. (Independence Hall Association)

American Revolution

America is Impressive for being so successful and being able to thrive...

Visual Representation

The center piece of the sculpture was the Statue of Liberty which represents America and its independence. Initially, Edouard de Laboulaye from France built this monument for the newly founded country of the United States to honor its liberty. The Statue of Liberty is greater in size to emphasize its power and influence.


The flags beneath are supposed to represent the multiple number of countries the United States surpasses due to its economical and political success. The Statue of Liberty stands over the flags to symbolize America's dominance and impressive actions that makes it an impactful world superpower.


Instead of the lit torch, the statue carries a brain. The brain is supposed to symbolize America's intellects that continue to make the country thrive and discover new technology and impresses the world. Many impactful accomplishments have been developed in America which signifies its wise representation that surpasses countless means of ingenuity.

Atomic Bomb

There are two side sculptures; one is an atomic bomb and the other in a moon with the American flag. These sculptures are supposed to indicate America's ingenuity with two important successes that connects to the United States' ability to surpass the accomplishments of all countries combined; the first to test the atomic bomb and first man on the moon.

The Visual Representation's goal was to imply America's brilliance and skill to stand high above many countries from the beginning of its fight for independence. Complete determination lead America into becoming a global superpower.


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