Episode Suggestions

This episode explains the gold standard and the hosts interview a charismatic advocate for a return of the Gold Standard.

Follow up episode explores the history of the gold standard and tells the story of the United States leaving the gold standard led by actions by FDR and Richard Nixon.

Tells the story of a mall that is located in two different cities with two different minimum wages. There are interviews with employees, business owners and politicians.

Holiday themed episodes that explore the rules of scarcity through Roses and Chocolate prices on Valentine's Day. There are many more holiday themed episodes in the archive.

An episode produced in partnership This American Life that seeks to answer of the question of “What is Money?” Explores the history of money and tells an incredible story of Brazil and it’s history with inflation and currency.

Tells the story of the first labor union in the United States and history of labor movement.

Origin Story of the federal reserve which is now the most important financial institution in the world.

Interviews that aim to tell the story of the players in the 2008 Housing Crisis.

Story about a charity that operates by giving cash directly to poor people in Kenya. Charity’s idea is based on a study conducted by an MIT economist. In the interview, the professor explains that rules of economics would dictate that these people know how to spend the cash most efficiently.

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