The Founding of America as a Christian Nation By CaSsidy HousTon

The American Bible Society was originally founded by Benjamin Rush. The creation of the first Bible Society dates back to 1809. By the year of 1816, over 121 Bible Societies had been formed in America. The Founding fathers played a role in the spread of the Societies. This proves that America was founded on God, because the founding fathers who were part of the start of America assisted with it.
The July 4th Prayer signified our nation as a whole. It was written on June 28, 1787. The point of this document was for this prayer to be prayed before the service at the Reformed Calvanist Church in Philadelphia on July 4th. This showed that our nation is "One Nation, Under God."
Noah Webster and The Bible was most known for the Webster dictionary, which was printed in 1828. After this, Websters goal was to update the Bible. Noah Websters main goal was to preserve the Bible and all it had to offer so it would remain in today's society.
The church and country sermon on May 19, 1891, by William Stevens Perry, who was the bishop at the time. The thing that stands out the most is the effort taken to base everything around the teachings of the church. That is the main reason why this Sermon stands out to readers.
The next sermon is titled "overcoming evil with good". It was originally spoken in 1801. It talked about how Jesus Christ was the way to be successful and how he helps through everything. Jefferson talks about how he wishes he could implement the words into those listening.
The third and final speech I will be going through is the speech titled "Communism in churches". It was originally spoken in 1960 by bishop Gerald Kennedy. It was brought about because there was said to be communism in the churches. The bishop spoke against the beliefs and turned the views back towards Jesus.
Abraham Lincolns second inaugural address was mostly based upon the civil war and all the things that could come from it. Lincoln brought up many things such as things that would emerge from the nation. He knew we as a nation would not be destroyed by this.
Proclamation and Prayer is the next writing I will be talking about. The article itself says "It being a duty peculiarly incumbent in a time of public calamity and war, humbly and devoutly to acknowledge our dependence on Almighty God, and to implore his aid and protection". This shows that we are dependent on God to fulfill our needs.
The last person I will be talking about is John Hancock. He released a writing that showed that he has Christian beliefs. In one of his many speeches, he quotes from the book of Hebrews and he says that he gives his whole soul to God.


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