Bayonet By jake

The bayonet is on the front of a gun, just like how it was in front of war technology.

Did you know that the bayonet came from Bayonne, France in 1640.

The first bayonet was stored in front of the gun. Then it was placed under the gun's barrel. Over time the bayonet was designed to be located on the side of the gun.

The bayonet was used for hand to hand combat. The bayonet protected you when the enemies came too close while reloading the gun.

Bayonets are not as useful anymore because of automatic guns. Automatic guns are more efficient and accurate.

The bayonet set a positive impact on the conquest to North America.

On the conquest to North America the bayonet helped because the first guns took a long time to reload so the bayonet kept the European safe.

The Europeans had such a advantage during the conquest to North America because, when the Europeans were on their horses attacking the Inkas if they did not have a bayonet they would had to have a gun in one hand and a sword in the other. This would not work because you would not have a hand free to hold the horse.


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