the Adventure of 2016 from peaks, to glass beaches, to new food, to desert floor, and more 2016 was wildly motivating!

Billy Yang.

2016 was the year of interviews. I met so many of my heroes and even befriended them. The very first interview I ever did was with Billy Yang, pictured here, sadly the audio was lost, but the memory was not.

Christian Isakson.

Yassine Diboun.

Brett Rivers.

Dylan Bowman.

Sid Garza-Hillman.

Jackie Wasserman.

And there were so many more interviews done on Skype and on the phone. They were just as exciting and memorable. Thank you 2016 for all the amazing people who I can now call friends.

Posing on trails

In 2016 we traveled A LOT! This is just a sampling of the many pictures that I have taken on my trips, but of course the common theme is trailrunning. It has been absolutely crazy, too. I mean when does Forest Park in Portland get SNOW!? Never. But, it did when we where there and it made for quite a slip and slide-y adventure for my dad and I. The trails in Santa Barbara are some of the most rugged that I've ever run. Three times up Bishop Peak was brutal, but so fun. A solo jaunt through the rolling green hills of Marin was peacefully chilly.

(from left to right) Forest Park, Portland, OR with snow; Sant Barbara, CA; Bishop Peak, San Luis Obispo, CA; Marin Headlands, San Francisco, CA

Places, Places, Places

2016 also brought visits to many unique and interesting places. My sister, and even I, loved The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal. Hearst Castle was incredible in its opulence and artistry. The ruined Sutro Baths were a glimpse into a slice of San Francisco history that isn't really discussed, a time of relaxation and wealth. Fort Bragg's Glass Beach was a beautiful site that was created from the fact that it used to be a military trash dump and the unyielding power of the waves broke the glass into a beach. Bandon's Wizard's Hat was a very unique rock formation that sat pristinely on Oregon's rugged coast.

(left to right) Hogwarts Castle, Universal Studios, CA; Hearst Castle, CA; Sutro Baths, San Francisco, CA; Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, CA; Wizard's Hat, Bandon, OR

Trejo's Tacos meal with horchata.

There was also a ton of amazing food in 2016. Either food I made, the family made, or from restaurants. Vegan food is absolutely incredible and 2016 most definitely represented that for me.

Sushi (i made it!).

Blossoming lotus, portland. veggie burger with roasted potatoes.

Tofu Scrambler (made by my mom).

Collard greens sushi with sautéed asparagus (i made it!).

mango mint pie (i made it!).

simple bread (made this, too).

somosa house, la.

ratatouille (From yours truly).


2016 was also pretty cool in other parts of my life. I started to ride my bike more. Stayed present enough on a run in Portland to notice a mushroom on a tree that looked like a twisted frog. I completed my Eagle Scout Project and became an Eagle Scout! Which is a happy culmination to years of amazing Scouting.

(from left to right) Bike Ride, CA; Frog Mushroom, OR; Family Fun at Sunset, Coastal LA, CA; Eagle Project, CA; Eagle Scout Board of Review, CA


In 2016 I had many painfully enlightening adventures as I like to call my jaunts on the trail. I got a sweet cowboy hat that I'm pretty sure made me even more aerodynamic and awesome on the trails! The family and I took the Weekender up to Mammoth to enjoy ourselves and of course run hard in the Sierras, I think that will become a summer tradition. I ran another 50k and did it even better than the last time, cutting time down immensely and enjoying myself much more. Nice 'n casual. And of course I started my very own sport recovery company, Target Release Recovery, with products that are simple, functional, and effective going on sale soon.

(from left to right) Cowboy Hat Fun, CA; Volkswagen Weekender, Alabama Hills, CA; My Dad Having Fun, Alabama Hills, CA; My Dad Going Up, Duck Pass, Mammoth Lakes, CA; My Dad Going More Up, Mammoth Mountain, Mammoth Lakes, CA; Bulldog 50k Buckle, CA; Target Release Recovery, CA

thank you so much 2016!

2016 has brought me a lot. It has been the year where my podcast blossomed, where I achieved many personal goals, where travel was a focus again, where adventure thrived, and of course where I spent so much wonderful time with my family. Of course 2016 hasn't been perfect, no year is, but it has been great if you focus on what this year has brought you and not what it hasn't. Be grateful for this past year, plan for the coming one, but always stay right here in the moment. I hope 2016 was as fun for you as it was for me and here's to an even better 2017, because you have the power to make this coming year whatever it will be. So make it great!

Follow along in 2017 with all of my adventures, food eating, food making, knowledge collection, interviews, and so much more on my site. Be motivated this coming year and take 2017 as the year to make positive, lasting change to find and follow your most fulfilling life.

"Fill your bowl to the brim / and it will spill. / Keep sharpening your knife / and it will blunt. / Chase after money and security / and your heart will never unclench. / Care about people's approval / and you will be their prisoner. / Do you work, then step back. / The only path to serenity. (Tao Te Ching, Section 9)"

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The story of my year in 2016. Good food, good friends, good adventure, and good discomfort.

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