Block Starts how to correctly use the starting blocks.

Your body position in the blocks and your first step, set up how well you can accelerate coming out of the blocks.

  • Front pedal is 2 shoe lengths from the start line
  • Back pedal is 3 shoe lengths from the start line
  • Back your feet into the blocks
  • On set:
  • Butt goes up slowly and stops above the shoulder level
  • Front knee angle is at 90 degrees
  • Shins are parallel
Straight lines are key when you come out of the blocks. You should be able to draw a straight line from your head down the spine and through the leg.

Justin Gatlin Block Start

  • Justin Gatlin gets FULL extension from his front leg in the blocks.
  • His shins remain PARALLEL to one another on set.
  • His heels stay low. NO butt kickers.
  • His right arm punches up.
  • His left arm sweeps straight back.

Asafa Powell Block Start

  • Notice the aggressiveness of his arm swing.
  • His front toe is the last thing to leave the blocks.
  • He gets everything out of the blocks and does not rush putting his foot down on track.
  • Look how far his first step is out from the blocks. FULL EXTENSION


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