Self Designed Exhibit #1 The Study CYcle

The study cycle is a new technique to me. I have never really seen a study method like this, but I am in desperate need to find new ways to study, so I am going to try it out. I hope this new technique will help me learn material better, and help me make better grades in the future.

This study cycle handout shows/tells you how to use this technique: preview, attend, review, study, assess.

How do I start this process?

The first thing that a student is suppose to do in this cycle is preview. Previewing for class is making sure you know what material you are going to cover before you get to class. This gives you a stable bases of what will be going on in class that day. This helps you from showing up, and being blown out of the water with material. It is also important to point out things that are really unfamiliar to you, so you are able to point those things out in class, and maybe even ask questions about them if you need to. I think this is the easiest step, and as I start this process I am doing my best to preview for every class that I am in. Sometimes I study more for one class than the other, but I work really hard to study for them all.

One way someone can preview before class is to read the textbook. There is always useful information in the textbook that you need to know for the class, and for upcoming quizzes, and tests.

What's the next step?

The next step in this learning process is to attend class. Attending class is the reason kids go to college. They want to learn, and succeed. To do well in a class means that you have to go to lectures. To me, going to lectures is the best way to study/learn for a class. Attending lectures help students learn what the professors want them to learn. Last semester I went to class, but sometimes I made bad decisions to skip for several different reasons. This semester I have only missed class twice, and I am very proud of myself. I honestly think that my grades are better because of the simple fact that I go to almost every single class. This is a very valuable step in the study cycle.

Here is an example of a class lecture where students attended class to learn, and succeed.

The third step

The third step to the study cycle is to review. Once a student goes to class they need to make sure they understand what was happening during the lecture. Reviewing the notes that you took in class can help you refresh your brain on what the previous class was about. Reviewing notes can be a struggle sometimes, but reviewing them within 24 hours of class can help you prepare better for tests. This step is hard for me to do after every class because I have so many classes to study for, but I try to study as hard as I can to always review because it so helpful in remembering material.

One good example of reviewing your notes is to re-write them.

Step four: time to study

When it comes test time, study time comes with it. This is the thing that I struggle most with in college. Studying for certain subjects can be hard when you don't like them, but you have to do it anyways if you want to succeed. Some helpful study tips that I have learned over the years are to never study in your bed, to change up where you study so that you don't get too comfortable in a certain place, and to never study for too long. Studying for more than an hour can actually hinder you from learning as much as you want to rather than studying for short periods of time, and focussing more. I am trying to do all of these things more often because I find myself having bad study habits, and I am trying to get rid of them so that I can study successfully, and do well on all of my future tests.

When it comes to studying, this picture portrays how I feel sometimes. Every student can relate to how certain tests can be really hard for them to conquer, and study for. Studying isn't my favorite thing to do, and this makes it hard for me to study well enough for tests sometimes, especially if I don't like the subject I am studying for.

Finishing up the study cycle

The last step to this long cycle, and the reason this cycle is being used is to asses. This step is for me to take a step back and ask myself "am I doing what I need to do to be ready for this next test?" Some ways I do that is to take the previous test in that course that the professor has chosen to put up online, or take new practice tests that the professor makes for the class. Both ways are very sufficient ways to know whether you are ready for the test or not. In classes like math and science, practicing problems and memorizing equations are also ways to make sure you know everything there is to know in the class at that time.

Getting high grades on tests shows how well you were prepared for a test, but you can't get high grades without studying efficiently. Assessing yourself, and making sure you know everything for the test will help you get high grades, and succeed in school.
Did this study cycle work for me? Should I keep using this cycle to help me succeed?

The longer I am a college student, the more I realize how tough and challenging college really is. In high school everything was free and easy going, and when I got to college everything changed. Classes got harder, responsibilities got bigger, and new challenges were introduced to me. The biggest challenge of all is making high grades. To make high grades you have to study hard which is also a challenge for me. In high school I did not learn how to study the way I should for college which has hindered me from making the grades I want to make. So over the course of this year I have had to adapt to new ways of studying including this study cycle. I didn't know if this study cycle would work, and no way of studying is perfect for everyone. I used this study method on my first math test, and my test grade wasn't terrible, but it wasn't what I wanted it to be (70-C). I think it helped me study better because I worked on practice tests, but by looking at my test results I don't think this study method is perfect for me. I may use this in the future, and I think it is an awesome way that everyone should try to study, but this trial was not very successful like I thought it would be.


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