The French Revolution Kushaiah Herrero P.2

The French Revolution consisted of social and political upheaval in France. This lasted from 1789 until 1799. Napoleon partially carried out the Revolution during the expansion of the French Empire. This Revolution overthrew monarchy, established a rebuild and brought forth violent periods of turmoil.


Napoleon soon after crowned himself and rapidly brought many of his principles to Western Europe. The French Revolution was in fact a success. Within Napoleons dictatorship he won many wars. He did get what he wanted out of the French Revolution. Power, war, land and more importantly his Western influence into Europe and beyond.


Napoleon led a Revolution that killed many of his own troops due to weather conditions so severe that it took a huge toll on the number of men, their food rations, and horses. I think even though he won many wars he didn't have much heart or care in the world for the people below third estate and his men he sent into war. Napoleon was no Hero, he in fact was a Villain at heart.


England and American reached to the French Revolution differently. England was much more welcoming than the Americas. England didn't agree with Napoleons ways of war they did allow him to bring his western influence into their land. Unlike the Americas they fought long and hard to set him straight. He was crowned by himself because he was too impatient to be crowned by the pope, which showed each country that he was very self absorbed and had little respect for traditions and customs.

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