Jan 30, 2017 StoryboaRd

Getting the keys; Medium shot
Locking the door; Medium closeup
Leaving the apartment/house; Long shot
Starting the car; over the head medium shot
Driving the car
Getting out of the car; shutting the door
Going in to the office; long shot
Walking to the desk; from a closeup of the office door sign to a long shot as he walks
The phone rings; close up
He takes a call. A patient is getting well; medium closeup
Another call;
Boss ask him to print the schedule; medium shot
Printing; closeup
Empty page/schedule; closeup
He walks to the office door and tells the therapist there's nothing arranged for today.
Boss tosses out a suit, and asks him to run to dry clean for him
He looks upset; Medium close up
He's at the dry clean, pays and leaves; medium shot
Calendar indicates days go by; close up moves from a day to another
Quick phone call; closeup
Close up of printing; faster
Close up of another schedule with only one appointment for the day
Dry clean shot repeat
He comes home, goes lie on the bed and sighs
zoom in from the last shot; he looks anxious
He suddenly gets up; closeup
Takes out his phone and start dialing; closeup
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Leyi Zhang

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