Globe theatre Zoe Morales Period 1

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The globe theater influenced the world and modern theaters through its culture, plays, and style

"Most of the great English playwright William Shakespeare's plays were first presented at the Globe" (Seidel)

Shakespeare is a heavy influenced the future of play writing and the culture. The legacy of shakespeare will never die. The globe theatre made a good some of his play wide spread to people.

"During these years, he wrote several comedies and almost all the tragedies that have made him famous. Shakespeare’s masterpieces during this period include the comedies Much Ado About Nothing and Twelfth Night; the history Henry V;and the tragedies Antony and Cleopatra, Hamlet, Julius Caesar, King Lear, Macbeth, and Othello." (Lander)

Many great works were produced for and in the globe theatre. The amazing amount of masterpieces able to be distribute to the amount of people that it did.

"Plays were originally performed by all-male medieval guilds" (Anderson)

This shows how much time has change though this contradicts the thesis it's very important and it show. The culture surrounding toward the plays and to possibly a small bit of it continues through in the culture that we have today.

"He issued a royal license to Shakespeare and his fellow players, which allowed the company to call itself the King’s Men. In return for the license, the actors entertained the king at court on a more or less regular basis" (Lander)

The group that performed in the globe theatre became the kings's men. These men had a high stance in the eye of the king if they can be called the king's men. They couldn't be placed so highly and not have any influence at all.

"Little is known about the Globe's design except what can be learned from maps and evidence from the plays presented there. The Globe was round or polygonal on the outside" (Seidel)

This is very different then most modern play structure where they have a back making a cardboard cut out of a theatre. Though there's some most don't exist it's more of a thing of upperclassmen now.

"For most of the 1590’s, the Lord Chamberlain’s Men performed in a building called The Theatre. The English actor and theatrical manager James Burbage had built the structure on leased land" (Lander)

The Kings men is the the Lord Chamberlain's men. The Kings men had made by the same people as the globe. It was before the globe and gave the men a kickstart pretty much.

"The Globe proved to be a wise investment, and it remained a home to Shakespeare’s acting company until the religious reformers known as Puritans closed the theaters in 1642," (Lander)

The greatness of the theatre can be proved by the fact that it was a wise investment. it had to influence so many lives. It left a mark on so many. It made an impact in the culture. What the theatre did still effects us today.

"King Henry V. It was written and performed in 1599, possibly the first Shakespeare play staged at the Globe Theater" (Seidel)

The great play called King Henry V. was the start of shakespeare's play making at the globe which changed the world forever. King Henry was the first snowflake in the giant snow ball if the legacy of William.

"Cuthbert, Burbage built the Globe Theatre. Burbage probably started his acting career in 1590 with the Lord Admiral's company. In 1593, he became a member of the Lord Chamberlain's company." (Burbage)

The great man who built the globe with his brother to make all of this possible. Without the engineering of these men the world that we know of today would be nothing like it is now. The fantastic plays that were made would never have deputed if it wasn't for these two


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